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35, Lev, Frace, Château de Monte-Cristo
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Galérie chránené heslom
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Sex Muž
Zaujímam sa o Ženy, Páry
Vek 35
Výška 176 - 185 cm
Hmotnosť 64 - 70 kg
Vlasy Blondína
Oči Modrý
Etnický pôvod Biely/Kavkazan
Jazyky Ruština, Angličtina
Rodné mesto Château de Monte-Cristo
Ochlpenie Upravená
Penis Stredné
Čo ma vzrušuje
07/25/2023 - About toys I bought my first masturbator for testing Lingam Asha in Sbe*Market and chose a PVZ - "Sbe*bank branch" - teller-cashier - A pretty girl of 19 years old, inexperienced, gave me goods at the checkout of Sbe*bank! And she said looking into her eyes playfully with a good mood: "Let's look, serviceable goods ?!" I blushed, turned on and almost burned with shame when she opened the box, then a purple blush wave swept over her cheeks in a wave, her lips slightly expanded and increased, as if she was trying to capture more air! She apologized, I said in response - it's okay, I shouldn't have made "Sbe * Bank" the point of receiving the order for such an intimate product! She replied: "No, nothing, order more! I will be glad to see you again!"
O mne
Fetish fragrance. The aroma of aviation fuel. The story of how early in the morning I climbed the stairs and smelled a pleasant aroma...
Meeting place can not be Changed. I met a girl with big breasts on a social network...
Modeling agency! Met girls from a modeling agency! As a result, I was trained in a modeling agency in order to see my girlfriend ... English teacher. Her name is Evgenia Nikolaevna, she is very similar to Julia Roberts and even more beautiful than her... When she came in and sat down at the table, she greeted her with an incredibly gentle sexy voice! I opened my eyes and raised my head - a few centimeters away from me I saw a deep cleavage with perfect boobs of the 3rd size, which were barely restrained by a tight bra, not completely covering them, because she was sitting leaning on her elbows! I fell in love at first sight! I constantly made her laugh and amused, to the point that she began to hiccup! I was perfectly motivated by Evgenia Nikolaevna ...
Nudists in Bulgaria. Elite beach with rules of conduct and control! For the elite ... In the sea, you can have sex discreetly
Sex in the field in the hayloft, we went to the fields on bicycles! There is a photo where I walk naked along a field road!...
... Nothing compares to the romance of sex in nature and in the sea!
Sex on the train was in my youth with a more experienced partner ...
Sex on the plane is more from the stress of being caught, from the fear of heights and the fact that everyone looks at you accusingly, because you both occupy the toilet for a long time ...
First sexual experience and first love. As a child, I met a beautiful neighbor she and I were about 6-7 years old. Studying the differences between a boy and a girl, I kissed her beautiful lower lips! I still remember this aroma of tenderness... then I chose my life partner primarily by her sexual aroma of pheromones! Her name is Ekaterina and she is more beautiful than Angelina Jolie! Big lips without plastic surgery! Perfect breast size 3-4! Beautiful smile!
About seducing a student for a long ride away in a car and finally fucked her sleepy in the evening ...
About getting a job at the Russian Post The boss who wanted me to have sex with her at work...
About the differences between hard and gentle sex - gentle close to tantric SEX is cooler than rough! In gentle sex, the gamut of feelings, emotions and orgasm of partners is several times brighter! Rough sex is better in moments of passion when you want wild sex!
About a girl who had 5 men before me, but never had cunnilingus...
About depraved playing cards bought on the train when I was 10 years old...
About MMF threesome...
Present tense. On May Sunday, 05/22/2022, we were on a pond in a pine forest on the outskirts of our city...
Late in the evening from Thursday to Friday 05/26/2022 In the evening, my girlfriend, sleepy and tired from work, lay down to rest (it was the second day after depilation) her naked, smooth, beautiful pussy - a cute pie lay and urged me to take care of it - I licked a little, she succumbed to sleepy and wanted me to enter it. There was not enough lube, so I ran to the kitchen and dipped my fingers in a jar of 100% coconut oil from Vietnam. With a flying gait, a bullet returned back, lay down in a jack position, and began to confidently insert the head!
At the afternoon 06/14/2022 There were again various girls on the same pond, I photographed them. I liked seducing a fertile mom who obviously hadn't had sex for a long time, she looked at me with an insanely longed look! If not for my marital duty, I would have fulfilled all the desires enclosed in the cache of the eyes of this single mother of 30-35 years old! Another girl was behind her husband - she came with her husband and daughter, saw me and obviously began to make eyes at me! She went into the water straight in my direction, smiling broadly and gently, as if I had known her for a long time! I was embarrassed and began to remember: "Maybe I met her somewhere at a previous job?" But later, when she hugged her husband, I realized that they had just the time in their relationship when it was romantic to flirt with strangers. In this period, the second half gently allows the first half to be naughty for spice in the relationship and to increase the passion between stable sexual partners! Her crisp pussy moistened from entering the water in a poisonously bright tight swimsuit breathed into me a stream of hormones that cause an erection and the joy that the beauty is flirting with me! I smiled back, and then surreptitiously photographed her to prove the reality of my words! My wife, after observing my behavior, came to the conclusion and said that she herself would now photograph girls for me for fun. I thought she was joking, but in the future she kept her word and began walking alone to seize the moment to photograph pretty girls with a beautiful figure and send me their pictures so that I can check them out!
Movies erotic:
DVOE (USSR) 1965
La Prima notte di quiete (Le Professeur) 1972
Sessomatto 1973
Emmanuel 1974
La Derniere femme 1976
Emanuelle in America 1977
Dolce Calda Lisa 1980
L'amour en douce 1985
Career Opportunities 1991
Bram Stoker's Dracula 1992
Hackers 1995
Romance X 1999
Temptation 2001
Reamonn - Supergirl - Nass Short movie (Soraya Sala) 2000
All roles Emmanuelle Béart
All the works of the brilliant master of erotic fashion Andrew Blake (Paul Nevitt)
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  1. 1. What’s your favorite sex position?

    Standing face to face

  2. 2. Have you had group sex?

    Yes - MMF.

  3. 3. What porn do you like the most?

    Two (USSR) 1965
    Madly 1970
    La Prima notte di quiete (Le Professeur) 1972
    ... Zobraziť viac

  4. 4. How long can you last in doggy style position?

    15 min

  5. 5. Why morning sex is the best?

    He is the most gentle and sincere! It energizes both partners for the achievements of a new day!

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